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Sunrooms for Summer

What better way to escape the extreme heat of the Midwest summer than with a sunroom? I’m an outdoorsy girl as much as the next, but I have to be comfortable. No bugs, not too much heat, not too cold. So naturally I LIVE for a sunroom. It is the perfect addition to your house that you will bring the outdoors in. Something you will enjoy in the summer heat, or the winter snow.

It’s all about the plant game here, and don’t worry you do not need a green thumb. The sunroom is a place your plants will thrive year-round. Go crazy. Plants in every nook and cranny. You cannot have enough.

The sunroom is also a place to do some deep thinking or have private conversations. Forget the tv. Short of a book and a good friend you will not need entertainment in a sunroom. Don’t forget to include cozy, soft fabrics and plenty of lounge seating allowing you to curl up with a cup of coffee (or wine) any time of day, any day of the year.

I have had the pleasure of designing a sunroom for my mom’s old house several years ago. I will dig through the picture archive to find one to post. Until then…

Check out some of my favorite sunrooms!!

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