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Renovation: To Hire an Interior Designer or not to Hire an Interior Designer

To hire an Interior Designer or not to Hire an Interior Designer? That is the age old question when you are contemplating a home renovation. Look at it like this, interior design is a professional service. Universities offer four year degrees in interior design, even doctorate programs in interior design. This signals to you, the home owner, there is a wealth of information to consider.

We have all been to a friends house and you walk in and are immediately impressed with everything you see. She has the best décor, the best furniture, the house is well organized, the colors almost go unnoticed while they are simultaneously holding everything together. I am here to tell you that friend is gifted and should probably be an interior designer. That house, decorated by the home owner, is not the norm. I am sure you also have the friend that keeps her house immaculately clean. Or the friend who has the yard that looks part arboretum, part golf greens. Those friends have amazing talents. They are not the norm. These are examples of household responsibilities that everyone is capable of doing, but there is also a professional service offered. The professionals will get the job done amazingly well, and faster than you.

Let’s say you are tackling a basement remodel. You are saving money to add a bedroom and bathroom. The contractor needs to know the paint selection. You go to Home Depot and pick out a paint color. Then you buy a bed and put it in the bedroom. You wait on the other furniture and décor. Six months later you finally buy bedding because you have family coming to stay in the room. When you get the bedding home it does not go with the wall color. We have all been here and been frustrated the project is not coming together like you have seen on Instagram.

An interior designer will help you make all of these selections before the contractor has begun his work. The furniture will be ordered and arrive by end of construction. So once you have paid your last check to the contractor you can walk down to the basement and have a perfectly decorated bedroom worthy of an Instagram post and more importantly a guest.

You may think, I do not have money for an interior designer. Most interior designers offer competitive hourly rates similar to another professional household service you may employ. Interior design should be thought of as completion of the project. If the contractor leaves and you cannot use the bedroom, it is not finished. You will be spending money on the furniture and décor. Let a professional guide you through selections. This will save you time overall.

Some contractors employ interior designers. This shows you they see them as an important part of the process. The contractor has strengths, like technical skills for the remodel. But not necessarily selecting finishes that go with your final furniture and décor selections.

Some interior designers manage their renovation projects. This allows you to have a one stop shop experience. The designer will guide you through where to place the new walls, to all the finish selections. Then, the designer manages the demo, construction, tile install, cabinet install, paint, furniture install, and décor.

Think of interior design as part of the home renovation process. If anything, it will force you to think about every stage of the remodel when you begin your research of what professional you will have embark on this journey with you.

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