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Hello! Welcome to my first blog post. I wanted to introduce myself. Similar information can be found on my about page, but I will expand some here.

I am Lacey Brown, founder of Lacey Brown Designs. Based in Kansas City metro. I am from a small town in Southeast Kansas. At least everyone from Kansas City considers it small; it’s not that small! Pittsburg, Kansas. Also, went to college there. Definitely a college town. The population drops off by 6 or 7 thousand in the summer. That's when the townies get bored and raise hell. :) Amidst all the distractions of country cruising, bonfires, and good old fashion porch sitting, I managed to buckle down and get my degree in Interior Design from Pittsburg State University.

Since college I have gotten married and had two little boys. They are four and two and a half. We might be considered crazy to have them so close together, but what is life if not crazy! They are already best friends. Nothings melts my heart more than to hear our youngest grab a book and ask his big brother to “read” to him. In addition to mom, I have worked in engineering sales for my husband’s company. Structural Modeling & Analysis, all things structural engineering and laser scanning (shameless plug, when it's your business it's your life). I have learned so much from my husband about owning a business. It is a huge responsibility, and if it were not for him, I do not think I would be taking the giant leap of making my interior design dreams come true with starting my own business. This has been the dream and goal since I graduated. So here we go!

I have always been obsessed with all things interior. When people find out my degree, they often ask what my favorite style is, but obsessed means you cannot get enough of it. I love all interiors. All interiors that are EXTRAODINARY, that is. I appreciate all interior styles. I enjoy seeing all styles, current trends, historical adaptations, and cultural interpretations come to life. When the interior makes you want to live in that space, that is extraordinary. It may be a style you would never come to on your own, but you see it in person or on Instagram (I was going to say magazine but get with the times) and you cannot stop looking at all the details, you wish there were more pictures of other angles in the space, other rooms in the building. That is how I take in the spaces I love.

My obsession extends to creating these extraordinary spaces. Layering textures, forms, periods, and light to create full sensory pleasure for all who experience the space. Simple as it sounds, it is a multi-faceted project that is exhilarating to be a part of.

Now my journey is to create these exceptional interiors for clients to live, work, and play in. I look forward to throwing my passion at my clients. Please follow Lacey Brown Designs on Facebook and Instagram, as well as my weekly blog and I will keep everyone updated on the journey. Thank you for following along!

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