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All I need is a Luxury Pool...

I know summer is coming to an end, at least here in the Midwest, but I am completely infatuated with all things pool right now. Specifically, luxury pools with natural fencing. In most places you must have a fence surrounding your backyard pool. Why not make it something natural, non-obtrusive, and environmentally friendly? Win, win, win!

Naturally lined pools can take on a traditional look, with a hedge, or a more organic look with imperfectly lined palms and assorted flower bushes. Sometimes a low rock wall is used to hold the natural items in place and give the natural wall some texture. Not to mention the spectacular view.

My personal favorites are the natural fences that layer multiple plants and tree types together. Combining a traditional, stiff hedge with a flowing fern, and adding a touch of color with a flower. This will create varying heights to the fence. The plants will move differently in the wind keeping your eyes attention to take in details.

If a hedge is being used, I love to see a doorway cut in the hedge itself. This is taking the natural fence to the next level. Adding natural lined pathways to the pool is a great detail. Very secret garden. The whole point is to get lost in the beautiful backyard to forget about the world on the other side of the fence (or hedge).

It is safe to say I would be happy with all these pools in my backyard! Take a look and let me know what your favorite is. 😊

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