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Add Warmth for Fall

Can you believe it is almost fall? I cannot believe I said the F word. But it is true. Fall is around the corner and my feeds are already flooded with pictures of rooms filled with pumpkins and dried corn and scarecrows. Scary I know. If you are not into the fall decorations, but want to warm your living room for the cozy fall season keep reading. I will give you some tips to add a bit of fall with traditional interior pieces.

The first thing I think of when trying to warm up a living room and give it a cozy feel is draperies. There are so many different window coverings now. Lots of great blind options to keep your windows light. Those are perfect for summer. In the fall and winter put up some draperies. The draperies look best when hung from floor to ceiling. Hang your drapery rod at ceiling height, or 6” below the ceiling and get fabric that will fall to the floor. You can use a heavier fabric if you like, such as a velvet or wool. A pattern or solid fabric will warm up your room. Keep the color or pattern colors in the brown tones to add warmth. The gray, white tones will keep a stark, cool fleeing in the space.

The second thing to give your space and the people in its warmth is to add throw blankets. They are both aesthetic pleasing and practically useful. Here you will want to use a warm fall color scheme. I recommend a solid blanket to give a pop of color and keep things simple. Layering blankets of different material will give you bonus points.

Pairing well with throw blankets will be throw pillows. Be sure to keep in the color scheme of the draperies and throw blanket. Lots of warm brown tones, pink, burnt orange. You can even add some emerald tones like deep purple, or dark green.

Next up, add some floor lamps. This will create a nook feeling when placed at the end of your sofa or adjacent a side chair. Use the floor lamp as an opportunity to bring in a brushed gold metal. FYI, you can mix metals! If the overhead light has a different metal, keep it, and add the brushed gold floor lamp.

This one will probably be the most expensive add on the list, an area rug. Trust me it will be worth it. If you have carpet, you may think you do not need an area rug, wrong! The rug will pull the entire living room space together. You will simply layer it on top of the carpet. I do recommend the rug pad for carpet and hard wood floors. It works wonders to keep the area rug from slipping.

Moving right along, add personal photos. Some people get very focused on the Instagram-able living room and want to leave the personal photos for back hallways. Personal photos hung in the living room or placed on a side table are fun for family and friends to look at and will generate more smiles than any abstract painting from the big box stores.

Last on the list is candles and books for the coffee table. The candles will create the aesthetic warmth. Books will create conversational pieces for your guests encouraging them to sit down awhile and read.

Good luck adding warmth to your house for the fall season!

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