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2022 Design Trends

In 2022 everyone is looking for a comfortable space to call home. It must be cozy, homey, and quirky. Meaning people want their home to look like what they like, not like a hotel lobby with no personal touches. No need to feel stuffy and formal in your own home and certainly you do not want your friends and family to be anything less than relaxed. People want to surround themselves with their collection of interests, wall art from a friend, ceramics from that online course you took to keep busy in fall of 2021. You are proud of your stuff, show it off.

First thing, sectionals. Sectionals were created to be curled up on by the whole family. They are the epitome of comfortable living room seating. Sectionals are customizable. Pull them apart, rearrange, add to, whatever your vision for the day, the sectional can help create. They are the anchor of the room. Do not be afraid to fill your room with a sectional. It gives a very build in feel. Maybe separate the piece with a coffee table for movie night? Whatever makes you comfortable. Comfort is key!

Next up, the variety of side tables and ottomans. They are available in many different sizes, heights, and materials. They are made to be moved around the room to allow a person to be just an arm’s length away from a drink or book, and always allow their feet to be propped up. Again, comfort is key.

And making our way down the list, natural materials. A touch of leather will provide some richness. Velvet will be soft and absorb sound. Layering of rugs, shag, hide, and woven are all added to the mix. Velvet is great for draperies. This gives the whole room a wrapped in soft fabric feel. A velvet drapery is especially great for winter when keeping all the cold air out of old windows is a high priority.

Anything vintage. This will add to the personal touches. A vintage chair, or sofa, maybe from the 70s with soft round edges will give you the comfort vibes with a lived-in look. Time to cherish the family hand-me-downs (my husband will be happy to hear this, we have a garage full).

Pairing nicely with vintage is collectables. Your curated collection of fill in the blank. Put it on a shelf. The louder the prouder you can be. Surround the curated collection with books. Lots of books. Again, anything that you have an interest in. Your guests might be curious enough to pick up the book and browse the pictures, or flip through the fun facts of your favorite city, or learn what motivated Andrew Jackson.

When it comes to 2022 do not be afraid to be yourself and make your home match that. This will be a fun year. Eclectic décor means rules are out the window! Which makes sense, I think everyone is sick of rules… Have fun curating your home with what makes you happy!

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